Residential Habilitation (Supported Living)

TriCounty offers eligible people the opportunity to live in and be active in the community. This is done through a waiver service called Residential Habilitation. Some people refer to this as Supported Community Living and an older common term is “group homes.”

TriCounty maintains SCLH settings for individuals who want to live with 1 to 3 other participants in a typical home within typical communities. The SCLH house will have staff around the clock to provide ongoing assistance. The staff may prepare meals, help train in areas of need identified on each Person Centered Plan, and provide assistance with daily living skills.

Each individual has their own Person Centered Plan based on his or her personal interests and needs. The individuals level of care is determined during the intake, needs assessment and plan development. Staff are provided to the home based on these individual needs.

If you or someone you know are interested in being evaluated for residential habilitation or other waiver service contact the Department of Mental Health: 1-800-361-4491.

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