About TriCounty

TriCounty Agency for Intellectual Disabilities is a 501(c)3 agency serving Walker, Fayette, and Lamar counties. Founded in 1994, TriCounty’s mission remains constant—to promote family unity by supporting people with intellectual disabilities that choose to live in a local community rather than an intermediate care facility (institution).

  • TriCounty subjects plan of care and service records to the Human Rights Council quarterly.
  • People First of Walker County recognized TriCounty as Agency of the Year for support.
  • TriCounty consistently earns greater than 90% satisfaction rating from clients each year.


TriCounty addresses changing community needs through identification of gaps in services. TriCounty attempts to fill gaps with special projects. Current annual projects supported by TriCounty are STARS and the Christmas Party.

  • TriCounty founded STARS in 2007, to address unmet needs of Walker County’s children with significant intellectual or physical disabilities.TriCounty seeks to expand this program to Lamar and Fayette Counties, once enough funding is secured.
  • This year marked TriCounty’s 11th annual Christmas Party with 375 guests.

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